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Our family goes above & beyond for yours

Building a home is likely one of the most important, costly and special experiences of your life. Our hands-on approach with our clients by our side allows for an enjoyable, customizable and collaborative experience. Our years of experience building high quality and innovative homes brings a leading level of knowledge. When we partner with our clients to build an incredible home together we are committed to providing an experience that is enjoyable and a home that is on time, on budget, beautiful and genuine for your family!

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Our hands-on approach brings the level of service that we offer to new heights. When you decide to build with Homes by Sorensen you are given the direct cell phone number of the company owners. Contacting them directly is expected. We treat every home like it is our own, until it becomes your home.


Building better is our mission, with our leading experience in building high-performance, net-zero, and passive homes we take the quality of home building to the next level. When it comes to building efficient, intentional and superior homes we are experienced, forward thinkers. We are on a continual quest to improve construction through the use of better technologies, material and systems.


We know that building a home that you love does not have to be a thought only available in your dreams. Curating a home that is functional, beautiful and becomes the place that provides you the ability to truly unwind and live fully is our mission. At Homes by Sorensen you work directly with the owner to design and develop an intentional and stunning space that is authentically yours.


At Homes by Sorensen we do not build the homes for our clients, we build WITH our clients. Collaborating with our clients is a huge part of our process, in fact we love working with clients who want to be hands-on and involved. Paired with collaboration, we are always honest and forthcoming with our clients - being transparent and authentic is something we place high value on.

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