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Meet The Team

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Axel Sorensen

OWNER & Project manager

Axel, our passionate Owner and Project Manager, is driven by a vision of constructing high-performance, net-zero homes that redefine industry standards. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he instills a culture of quality craftsmanship and innovation in every project. Axel leads with trust and dedication, prioritizing the well-being of both his team and clients, ensuring that each endeavor is not only executed impeccably but also enriches lives and communities. Axel’s life’s mission is to build things that make this world a better place


Business Management Degree

            - University of Lethbridge



CHBA - Certified Net Zero Home Builder



OWNER, Development & Sales

Heather, our Design, Development, and Sales Maven! Heather's passion lies in enhancing the lives of others. Whether she's brainstorming blueprints with her design team, selecting interior décor, or leading site meetings, she infuses every task with energy, passion, and enhancement. Interacting with clients is where Heather truly shines, as she delights in crafting homes where they'll build their most cherished memories and dreams. Additionally, she is a Chartered Accountant; while she doesn't practice accounting on a daily basis, she recognizes its importance as the backbone of a successful business.


Bachelor of Commerce Degree

            - University of Alberta


CA/CPA (Chartered Accountant/Chartered Professional Accountant)


adrian maliczewski

site supervisor

Meet Adrian, our dynamic Site Supervisor who embodies the essence of TCBing (yes we say it often, Adrian loves to Take Care of Business) with finesse. Renowned for his efficiency and precision in construction, Adrian sets the bar high with his unwavering standards on the job site, inspiring others to follow his lead. While he approaches his work with seriousness and commitment, Adrian infuses each project with a sense of enjoyment and calm, fostering a positive and productive atmosphere where hard work and fun seamlessly coexist.


Architectural Technologist

With over a decade of experience in drafting and designing homes, Ryan is a seasoned Architectural Technician known for his proficiency in Revit. He approaches each project by attentively listening to clients, integrating their lifestyle, desires, and innovative concepts. Combining this client specific insight with his expertise, Ryan crafts genuine homes that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Unlocking the vision for your dream home is Ryan's passion, turning your thoughts into tangible plans with precision and flair.



Design Coordinator

Meet Kenzie, our multitasking marvel and Design Coordinator extraordinaire. With her unmatched coordination skills, she seamlessly juggles various aspects of our business, from fielding calls and leading site meetings to maintaining meticulous notes and ensuring team well-being. She’s so good at coordinating, she could choreograph a dance for synchronized squirrels! Kenzie's versatility makes her the “go-to” person, embodying the essence of reliability and support within our team.


Estimating Manager

Bringing 12 years of expertise in construction and estimating, Jay is an accomplished Estimating Manager renowned for his meticulous approach. With a keen eye for detail, he meticulously reviews plans to ensure precise estimations, prioritizing project budgets without compromise. Sharp estimating builds a rock-solid budget, and sticking to it is our secret sauce for project success! Jay's passion for efficiency drives him to develop robust systems and processes, always seeking the ultimate truth in all area’s of his work; estimating, budgeting, purchase orders, and change orders.


Site Supervisor

Chester, our dedicated Site Supervisor, brings unparalleled experience and a profound commitment to excellence to every job site. With a hands-on approach, he leads by example, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and unwavering dedication among his team and trades. Chester's passion for delivering exceptional client service ensures that each project is executed with precision and care, earning him the trust and respect of everyone who walks on his site.

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