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Our Building Process

Our simplified, hands-on approach allows our clients to feel in control from our first client meeting until move in day.

Phase 1

Meet the builder

Book your initial meeting with us where we discuss the basics and answer ALL of your questions around process, timelines, schedule and costs.

Meet us on site- come check out one of our projects under construction or completed.

If you own your land already- meet at your property and dive into specifics that relate to your lot (slope, services, existing tree, potential electrical poles).

If all of your boxes are checked, and you are ready to move onto the next step we will enter into a deposit agreement.

Phase 2

Design & Development


Working directly with your Designer we meet for free-thinking, no judgement, spontaneous ideas where we ask you questions regarding your dream home and you lead the way. We listen and take notes with the end goal of learning what is authentic and true to you and what your dream home entails


This phase involves a meeting with you, your Designer and the Architect where we deliver the fruits of the Brainstorm phase and begin to draft the Development Plans. This meeting is followed by a back and forth dance as your blueprints are developed.


Also known as, when Pinterest, Houzz, home magazines and google become your partner in crime. Design Workshops are completed and vendor visits.


Our team meets together to review the details and scope of your project - any final considerations are incorporated and final edits to your blueprints are made.


Now with Development plans in hand we prepare a "DP Budget" we meet and discuss the budget in detail, upon final edits and approval, we move forward with Development Permit submission with The City of Calgary.

Wooden House

Phase 3

Build your home

Receive Development Permit approval from the City of Calgary and navigate any edits or revisions that come back from The City of Calgary. We take care of this for you to ensure a smooth and successful permitting experience.

Work with the Architect to prepare detailed Building Permit Plans, finalize any outstanding details with you and enter into a Builder Agreement.

Prepare for Demolition (if required); asbestos sample/abatement, course of construction insurance is initiated, services (water, gas and electrical) are disconnected, construction fence and more!

Shovels in ground! Construction begins!


We provide our clients with access to our project management system where you are notified regularly through photos and updates regarding what is happening on site. The construction phase is a huge part of the process and we make sure you are in-the-know about what is going on every week. Construction time to build a home vary, historically we build a home in 10-12 months. During the course of construction, communication, transparency, informative site visits and partnership are our mission!

Phase 4

Move in & service warranty

Approximately 45 days before your home is complete we will provide you with a Possession Letter confirming the actual date for taking possession. 

2 weeks before possession we complete a pre-possession walk-through. Green tape walk-though, where the Builder and the Homeowner(s) go through the interior and exterior of the home in detail. All defects and deficiencies are noted. 

The day before (or if you prefer the day of) possession we complete the possession walk-through where we review everything from the pre-possession walk through, followed by an on site detailed meeting with the Builder to discuss and review the delivery systems & proper maintenance of your home. 

Move in! We celebrate with you and hand over the keys to your incredible new home.

3-4 month check in: The Builder contacts the Homeowner(s) about 3 months after possession to discuss any deficiencies or defects that have been identified. If needed, the Builder schedules the appropriate trades to address deficiencies.

11 month check in: The Builder contacts the Homeowner(s) about 11 months after possession to discuss any deficiencies or defects that have been identified. The Builder schedules the appropriate trades to address deficiencies.

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