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Solar Panels


What makes our homes stand out is our dedication to our service to our clients, in addition to our construction details and the overall performance of the homes we build.

our net zero check points

Assess the lot for potential solar exposure that would be used for passive gains within the home and solar energy production.

Begin design phases utilizing the solar exposure of the lot. Select desired wall assemblies and mechanical to accommodate performance needs.

review architectural plans to ensure they meet sustainable requirements. Verify windows are adequately placed and appropriately sized. Confirm the roof has more than enough capacity to achieve net zero. Point out inefficient design details, if any. Make any adjustments needed.

Finish the home's design, and send it to the energy advisor with wall assemblies, window glazing, mechanical equipment and appliances for a complete energy model. Finalize the energy model with any tweaks needed.

Send the energy model to the solar provider. Design system to meet or exceed estimated Energy model. We use .6 ACH (air exchanges per hour) @ 50 pascals of pressure for our standard air tightness benchmark when evaluating how much energy a home will use.

execute the build. Experienced site supervision ensures critical building details are adequately done.

pre-drywall blower door test ensures air tightness benchmarks are being achieved. At the same time, using an infrared camera ensures insulation is consistent and done correctly.

Final blower door test is completed at the end of the project to get a final air tightness score that will be used to finalize the energy model. As well, appliance specs and mechanical specs are confirmed. An EnerGuide label can then be printed and placed on the electrical panel, showing that the home usage and production are net zero or better.

customer enjoys all that their net-zero home offers. Superior comfort and air quality, as well as the economic benefits of a net zero solar array, can provide.

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